One final splash of colour

There’s only one thing left to mention about colour – and that’s the border.

You can set it to any of the 8 main colours – bright and flash have no effect – using the ‘out’ command. Continue reading

Let there be colour!

So, for the first program in assembly, we’re going to draw a block of colour.  It’s very simple – just four lines of actual code – but it’ll test that your setup works, and then we can move more quickly after that.

Open your code editor, and create a new file – call it ‘First.z80‘, or ‘First.asm‘.  The name, and file extension, could probably be anything, but z80 & asm are both commonly used, and good to describe what kind of file it is, and might be what instructs your syntax highlighter to treat the file as Z80 assembly.  Now type the following into your file: Continue reading